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The concept for the myfamilyneeds.info service began in 2001 when key community leaders decided the county needed a family resource center where people could get information on local community agencies and how to access their services. The vision was that the center would be a place where people could learn about any kind of activity or services available within the county. By invitation of Caroline County's local management board, the Human Services Council, community agencies and churches were invited to submit a concept paper on what they would like to see the center provide. The Caroline County Public Library, already a leader in providing reference and information services, applied for grant money to support the development of the center and was ultimately awarded the funds. In November 2001, additional staff was hired and work on the project began.

Myfamilyneeds.info is both a computer database providing information and a personal service that anyone can access. The database houses information on over 400 community agencies accessible to Caroline County citizens. Examples of the types of information you can find in the database include:

  • Health and Human Service Agencies
  • Social and Fraternal Organizations
  • Hobby Clubs
  • Non-profit Agencies and Community Action Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Businesses that offer public services, such as fax machines, notaries, photocopiers, and meeting rooms

The database can be accessed 24/7 by any computer with internet access. Simply type in www.myfamilyneeds.info to begin your search. To view the entire inclusion policy, click here.

Additionally, during open library hours, trained information specialists are on staff to answer your questions in person or by phone. We seek to provide the most accurate information and referrals as possible to our patrons.

The myfamilyneeds.info website is not a business directory, however, please contact the library if you need business listings as there are other resources available to help you.

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