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The League of Women voters promotes political responsibility and active participation in the affairs of government. The League observes, monitors, studies, discusses, educates, lobbies and testifies on issues of local, state and national import. The League also provides voter registration services for special groups. We are available to conduct candidate forums in municipalities, if requested. During the November election time period, they put out Voter Guides in the local newspapers, libraries, and schools in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot Counties.

P.O. Box 1724
Easton, MD 21601
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Mid-Shore Restoring HOPE in Women will provide the network resources to get help from addiction. Afterwards we will provide GED, Job Training, Celebrate Recovery Programs, Counseling, Sponsorship and a Loving Church Family.

Sherry Collier
Services Provided: 

Meetings held at Bay Country Church, 2nd Tuesdays in September - May from 9:45 - Noon
Coffee and Brunch, Speakers/Topics, Conversations, Fun Crafts, and Moms' Night Out and Playdates

Shana Pressley
Services Provided: 

Food. Speakers/Topics. Conversations. Fun Crafts. Moms Nights out & Play Dates. Sept - May. 2nd Friday of each month, 5:30pm - 7:30pm. At St. Luke's UMC. 100 S. 5th Ave. Denton

Gillian Breedlove
Services Provided: 

Meetings held at the Talbot Bible Church, 2nd Mondays September - May 9:30 - 11:30am
Coffee and Brunch, Speakers and Topics, Conversations, Fun Crafts, Moms' Nights Out and Playdates
Childcare available.

Laura Ackerson
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Planned Parenthood of Maryland has been providing high quality, affordable reproductive health care for more than 75 years. We serve women, men and teens from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. Our experienced and caring medical staff gives each client honest information and personal attention. Services include: Abortion Services, Birth Control, HIV Testing, LGBT Services, Men's Health Care, Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception), Pregnancy Testing & Services
STD Testing, Treatment & Vaccines, Women's Health Care

8579 Commerce Drive, #102
Easton, MD 21601
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Through its family law programs, the Women’s Law Center provides individuals with information and legal assistance in family law cases.

Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project (POARP)
If you are a victim of domestic violence seeking representation in a protective order hearing in one of the following jurisdictions, please email admin@wlcmd.org or call the number listed:
Baltimore City – 410-783-0377
Baltimore County – 410-887-3162
Carroll County – 410-386-2440

Multi-Ethnic Domestic Violence Project (MEDOVI)
If you are foreign-born victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or human trafficking, and need an attorney to help you obtain legal immigration status, please call 410-396-3294 or email admin@wlcmd.org
Employment Law Hotline – 1-877-422-9500
Family Law Hotline – 1-800-845-8550
Additional Projects
Judicare – 410-321-8761
Limited Scope Representation Project – 410-321-8761
To make a contribution, please donate online, call 410-321-8761 or email admin@wlcmd.org.

305 West Chesapeake Ave, Suite 201
Towson, MD 21204