Imagination Library

100 Market St, Denton, MD 21629

Why is Imagination Library so important for our kids?- Reading aloud to young children has been found to be the single most important activity leading to language development.- An international study pubished in 2014 found a “strong, clear, and statistically significant” relationship between having books in the home and academic performance in the 42 nations studied.- The landmark Hart-Risley study on language found that children from low-income families hear as many as 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers by the age of four.- Evidence shows that kids who are not read to in their early years are less prepared for kindergarten than their peers, and it is difficult for them to ever acquire average levels of reading proficiency.

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Kids enrolled in Caroline County Imagination Library receive a FREE book every month delivered right to their homes. Every child receives carefully selected books that are appropriate for their age. The Dolly Parton Foundation does an excellent job of choosing high quality books by outstanding authors. New books are selected each year, so if your family has multiple children participating in the program, you shouldn’t receive any duplicated books. Children of the same age all receive the same books each month. That means that when they arrive in Kindergarten, they will all have a shared experience of reading the same books.


Any child living in Caroline County under the age of 5 may enroll in the program.



Areas Served

Caroline County

Ages Served

Birth – Age 5

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