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The Caroline County Career Center is a partnership built to provide employment-related services through a seamless delivery system. Partners include the Caroline County Department of Social Services, the Workforce Investment Office, Adult Education, the Division of Rehabilitation Service, and the Department of Labor.[…]



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The volunteer office serves as the point of contact for persons to donate goods and services to the community at large. They are able to provide children with school supplies at the beginning of the school year, toys, clothing, and other items for Christmas.[…]



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The Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) helps low-income Maryland citizens pay their heating bills, minimize heating crises, and make energy costs more affordable.[…]



P.O. Box 400, Denton, MD 21629

To encourage people to be self-sufficient and provide them opportunities and support to achieve that goal.[…]



P.O. Box 400, Denton, MD 21629

The Caroline County Department of Social Services is an agency of the state Department of Human Resources. It is the mission of the Department to aggressively pursue opportunities to assist people in economic need, increase prevention efforts and protect vulnerable children and adults. Our vision is a county where people independently support themselves and their families and where individuals are safe from abuse and neglect. To this end, the Department is responsible for a continuum of human service programs that must be assured to all in need. Primarily, Federal and State Governments fund these programs.[…]



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“We envision Caroline County as a diverse and inclusive community that provides a protective and healthy environment in which individuals and families are economically stable, safe from abuse and neglect, and have achieved and maintained their maximum potential for independence and well being.”[…]


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To oversee economic development efforts in Caroline County.[…]


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The Transition Center Program (TCP) provides a continuum of transition services and career development services that connect community, work, and independent living activities to 18 to 21 year old students who earn a certificate of completion after completing four years of high school. After high school, this subset of students is at risk for higher unemployment, as well as increased dependency on government support programs and their families for continued support. We believe that with transition services that incorporate opportunities to access age appropriate environments, our students can prepare to live and work as independently as possible. The TCP[…]
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Offers free public computers with internet access, free wifi, color printing for $.25 a page, black & white, and color copies for $.25 a page, free scanning, free access to databases, books by mail, faxing for $1.00 per fax, and free access to books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVD’s, magazines, and newspapers. Offers a MakerSpace with 3D printers, Virtual Reality, gaming stations, and more. Call 410-479-1343 for more information. tags: copies, copying, fax, photocopies, Wifi[…]
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To help individuals with functional impairments to maintain the highest possible level of independence and well-being suited to their needs at home.[…]
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