Adkins Arboretum, a 400-acre native garden and preserve, promotes the conservation and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay region’s landscapes. As a model for land management and ecological restoration, the Arboretum fosters community engagement and inspires the adoption of land stewardship practices for a healthier and more beautiful world.[…]
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2145 Key Wallace Dr, Cambridge, MD 21613

As part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge acts under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to preserve, protect, and manage wildlife and habitat for future generations.[…]
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425 Colonial Drive Denton, MD 21629

To develop and market Caroline County as a tourist destination.[…]
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P.O. Box 514, Denton, MD 21629

The Museum of Rural Life offers visitors a rare glimpse into this world through historic dwellings. Highlights include an exhibit of all or a portion of four historic houses:• Painter’s Range, an entire log cabin home of a tenant or subsistence farmer, circa 1824• Chance’s Desire, home of a “middling planter,” circa 1787• Skillington’s Right, home of the Fraziers, a wealthy planter family, circa 1795• Taylor-Brown House, built for merchant-broker Solomon Brown in 1819 and later owned by the Taylors, an African American family. This house was moved twice by mule cart and survived the fire that leveled most[…]
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